SMEC Sound Manual

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  • Stream live
  • Be able to efficiently reduce or eliminate feedback during an event

  1. Panel Explanations
    1. Sacristy
      1. Here are output volume settings for the individual microphones and CD player/recorder in the Sanctuary.
    2. Parish Hall (PH)
      1. Here are output volume settings for the individual microphones, and sanctuary volume for inside the Parish Hall.
      2. On a hidden screen, are the input volumes from the various microphones into the CD Recorder.
        1. This can be used to balance the microphones and then re-route the output to a streaming or recording device capable of recording more than an hour.
  2. Equipment Locations:
    1. Flower Room: Main location of hardware
      1. Suggested improvement: 1/2 U battery backup - will prevent the need to reset the system after every power-outage.
    2. Sacristy:
      1. Control Panel for Sanctuary resources
    3. Altar area:
      1. Lectern - Location of wireless microphone
        1. Suggested improvement: Replace the mic and boom with something less obtuse. The mic was borrowed from PH, I think.
      2. Pulpit: Use of the over-the-ear mic.
        1. Suggested improvement: replace with a lapel mic. Many have issues using the OTE mic as it conflicts with hearing aids.
      3. Altar Adjacent: Floor box between Altar corner and Pulpit
        1. Suggested improvement: Trace-back to main box and label matching Sacristy Control Panel
    4. Choir Area
      1. Floor: Mic inlet
        1. Suggested Improvement: Trace-back to main box and label matching Sacristy Control Panel.
      2. Wall: 2 mic inlets and 2 monitor outs.
        1. Suggested improvement: Trace-back monitor-outs and establish monitors. Most performers are operating deaf. They have complained of not hearing the service or the queues to start/end playing/singing.
    5. Camera: On the internal side of the Sanctuary/Narthex wall is a 1080p PTZ capable camera. Output is converted to ethernet and picked up in main cabinet in flower room.
      1. Previously used to send video to Tucker Hall nursery on the 1st floor.
      2. Suggested improvement: Addition of a small battery backup, additional equipment needed to enable for live streaming.
    6. Middle of PH Floor: Sound and Video out from Church Camera.
      1. Suggested improvement: the floor box was never completed. Please, give it a finished appearance. Add a power outlet to power media devices using this feed. Currently, extension cords must be run to walls presenting considerable tripping hazards for the young and the mobility challenged.
    7. PH Wall, adjacent storage closets
      1. Control Panel: Controls various volume levels for the parish hall and recording levels of multiple inputs through hidden screen.
      2. Power outlet: used to power the sound equipment in the adjacent closet behind the piano.
        1. Suggested improvement: Add an additional outlet inside the closet to preclude wires stringing out around the closet door to the wall.
    8. PH Closet: Receiver and affiliated equipment for servicing mics from Parish Hall
      1. Suggested improvement: Addition of a power outlet. Secure equipment in a box/cabinet to present a finished appearance.
    9. Tucker Hall Nursery: AV for TV from Sanctuary. Runs parallel part of the way with the line terminating in the floor-middle of PH.
      1. Suggested improvement: Additional lines to the other rooms used for Sunday School.
  3. After power failure all mic levels must be readjusted. Even though they appear to be set correctly, the power failure causes a communication issue with the control panels. The fix is to touch each volume control. It will go to zero. The level then must be put back to the previous level. These levels are in the photographs of the manual. It is recommended to use the +/- buttons to raiser/lower the output levels of each mic.
  4. The breaker - must be reset as last resort. Located in sound equipment box in Flower Room. See illustrated manual for more information.
  5. Power-hum, over-bleed, feedback, etc.
    1. Immediately mute the microphone or associated input.
    2. If this is not possible, the volume of microphone should be lowered prior to the next live event. Lacking the ability to execute real-time control, it is better to have the microphones lower than needed, lest the feedback become an overwhelming issue.
  6. Quirks of the system
    1. The Wifi is very weak inside the Sanctuary. (This may have changed since I have been absent.)
    2. There is no ability to adjust output volumes and simultaneously listen to the results.
    3. There is no ability to adjust output volumes of the microphones during live events without someone in the Sacristy and another person in the audience, reporting the results.
    4. There is no ability to record an event lasting more than 70 minutes. The effect is that the recording must be triggered immediatedly preceding a service.
      1. I was able to record events by stationing a recording device of my own on the headphone output of the TEAC Recording deck and have it programmed to start recording 15 minutes prior to an event and to stop recording 30 minutes after an event, in the case of the event starting and finishing at times other than anticipated.