Panel Explanations

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In case of feedback, DO NOT COVER THE MICROPHONE WITH YOUR HAND. Generally, this increases the feedback. The microphone must be muted momentarily and the volume lowered. Each microphone can be muted at the microphone and at the control panel. The connections of which are explained below.

Sacristy Control Panel
The following is the opening display of both sound panels in the Sacristy and the Parish hall.
Photo of The locked panel display in both Parish Hall and the Sacristy.
The locked panel display in both Parish Hall and the Sacristy.
After unlocking the panel with the security code, you will greeted with this screen.

There are 5 choices on the right of the touchscreen.

  1. Power
  2. Main
  3. Main (Microphones)
  4. Aux - 2nd page of microphone inputs
  5. CD ON
Photo-Unlocked Display Sacristy.jpeg
1) Power:
  • To turn the power on, touch "YES" under "Power On"
  • To turn the power off, touch "YES" under "Power Off"
Confusing power page.
2) Main: Pressing "Main" presents you with this panel, re-locking access. To gain access, touch the screen and enter the security code. Then press "Enter".
"Home" page for both Sacristy and Parish Hall
3) Main (microphones)
  • Wireless Earset Mic Volume - commonly referred as the "Lavolier" or "over-the-ear" microphone.
  • Wireless Handheld Mic Volume - Additionally wireless microphone input.
  • Pulpit Wired Mic Volume - Floor-plate wired microphone inlet diagonal between Pulpit and Altar.
  • Wireless Lecturn Mic Volume - Volume Control for Lecturn (currently on a boom) microphone.
  • Photo-Main Mic Page.jpeg
    4) Aux (microphones) - Microphone inlets in the Choir area.
    Photo-Aux Mic Page Sacristy.jpeg
    5) CD ON: Controls for the CD-RW. Not currently used due to limitations on controls and recording time.
    Parish Hall
    Opening locked screen of the Parish Hall Panel: Touch and enter code 1928. Press Enter.
    Photo-Default Display All.jpeg
    Parish Hall Audio Controls:
    • Projector Volume controls the sound coming from a projector outlet in the middle of the floor of the Parish Hall.
    • Wireless Handheld Mic Volume controls the volume of the microphone connected to the receiver in the closet by the piano (photo on next block.)
    • Wall Plate Mic 12 Volume: Microphone connected to plate on Parish Hall wall.
    • Church Service Volume: Controls the volume of the church service transmitted to the parish hall.
    Photo-Main Pane Display PH.jpeg
    Parish Hall Closet
    • This equipment drives the Parish Hall wireless microphone. All equipment should be plugged in and powered on. The receivers for the remainder of the microphones are in the Flower Room.
    Miscellany sound equipment in Parish Hall closet adjacent the piano.